About Peden Roofing Services

    Dave Peden is the founder of Peden Roofing Services, based in Glasgow. 

    Dave entered the roofing industry more than 30 years ago at the encouragement of his father, who was also working in home improvement at the time. 

    Dave, who once dreamt about becoming a physical education teacher, was persuaded by his father to work while waiting for his examination results. 

    "There's no way you're sitting about waiting for your exam results. 

    I'm going to get you a job tiling," Dave recalls his father’s words fondly. 

    At his new job, Dave was immediately thrown in at the deep end, with only a bag of nails as company. 

    However, he wasn’t demoralised and soon grew to love his job. 

    So much so, his dreams of becoming a teacher were soon forgotten. 

    Over the next few years, Dave became increasingly adept at his job, and was soon entrusted with even more responsibilities. 

    He eagerly took the opportunity to master every facet of the roofing business, aggressively pursuing excellence in his chosen field. 

    Before long, he was promoted to foreman, a position which he once again excelled at. 

    Several years later, Dave was offered the position of Contracts Manager in another roofing company. 

    The position required a whole new range of skillset, chiefly involving project management. 

    He took to it like a duck to water, and quickly became a key figure within the company. 

    Quality Roofing Work

    His exemplary management and the quality of work provided by his team earned the company a significant volume of new business. 

    Not long after, while on a family holiday abroad, Dave had a conversation with an American business couple who urged him to start his own business rather than working for someone else. 

    Suitably inspired, Dave handed in his notice immediately after returning from holiday and promptly went on to establish Peden Roofing Services

    The decision was also influenced by a desire to work with his hands again, instead of spending all of his time in office. 

    Running his own roofing company means Dave could manage his schedule and divide his time between the office and site. 

    Additionally, spending time working at the site also keeps him fit and healthy, an added bonus. 

    Once news of his departure became public, some of the clients from his old company stayed loyal to him, and gave him their business. 

    With the help of three employees, Peden Roofing Services quickly developed a reputation for high quality workmanship at a reasonable cost. 

    Business grew quickly and the company hired additional men to cope with the burgeoning workload. 

    Dave even sent some of his workers to college to ensure the company keeps abreast of industry developments and technologies. 

    Amusingly though, he had to retrained them again as he “didn't agree with” some of the things they were taught at college. 

    The company rode the wave the last recession, which led the company to trim his workforce to seven. 

    Nevertheless, the episode strengthened the relationship between Dave and his men. 

    He takes great pride in their all-round skills and ability to multitask. 

    With the exception of flat roofing, which Dave handles personally, his experienced team of experts can handle pretty much every type of roofing contract; quoting for roof extensions, estimating new roofs for castles and hotels and providing expert roofing advice on different types and styles of decorative guttering and rosemary clay tiles.  

    While the company’s core business is primarily based in Scotland, they do handle regular projects in London

    Today, Peden Roofing Services has deservedly established itself as one of the most respected roofing contractors in Scotland and the south of England, and is frequently used as a yardstick by competitors. 

    Going forward, with the economy well on its way to full recovery, Dave foresees the company picking up where it left off and flourishing once again.

    However, as always, he is only focused on delivering the best quality workmanship for his current clients. 

    With a keen insight into the industry from his three-decade long hands-on experience, he cautiously states that “you only have to do one bad job and everybody will know about it.”