Clay Tiling

    Since clay tiles come in various colours and styles and then can be laid in completely different patterns, clay tiling can make your property look complete unique.

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    One thing common to many world heritage monuments that have stood the test of time and stand as strong and beautiful today as when they were built is clay tiling. 

    Clay tiling is an ancient way of adding protection and decorative details to the roofs and sometimes the vertical sides of buildings. 

    Clay tiling is one of the ways to protect your roof from the elements and to add some eye-catching decorative design and colour to the roof at the same time. 

    They are long lasting and come in various colors and designs. 

    Clay tiles used to be made in just one colour, reddish-orange, but today they are made in many colours as diverse as white, yellow, reddish –orange and brown. 

    Since clay tiles come in various colours and styles and then can be laid in completely different patterns, clay tiling can make your property look complete unique. 

    Clay tiles are also eco-friendly as they are made from naturally occurring clay, which is poured into molds and baked in fire kilns. 

    Clay tiles are also recyclable. 

    Clay tiles are also fire resistant and provide better insulation during the winter and summer.

    Furthermore clay tiles are resistant to insects and moth and also rot resistant. 

    There are various kinds of clay tiles you can choose from us to tile your roofs. 

    We offer a varying range from plain clay tiling to intricate interwoven clay tiles such as the Classic Rosemary Clay Tiles

    Depending on your budget and style requirements you can choose to go for the plain clay tiles or the more decorative interwoven clay tiles. 

    The interwoven clay tiles are more expensive but also more beautiful than plain clay tiles. 

    The interwoven clay tiles are much smaller than the plain clay tiles and have finer details such as ridges, bonnets and laced valleys. 

    Thus they also require more detailed and expert workmanship in laying the tiles, as the interwoven clay tiles can be laid down in many various beautiful patterns. 

    If the interwoven clay tiles are laid well, they can make your roof look strikingly beautiful and can create an impressive appeal to your whole property.

    It is usually the architect who designs your home, who also suggests some specific tiles and types of decorative guttering for your roof. 

    But our company also sometimes works with individual customers who call us in and specify the kind of clay tiling and tile pattern they want. 

    Clay tiles are the best things to tile your roof with, if you want long lasting protection that is at once beautiful and protective, and also enhance the value of your property. 

    Clay tiles are however for the high-budget premium end of the market. 

    But if you have a smaller budget and cannot afford clay tiling, we also provide roofing advice when you are working out the cost to retile your roof.

    Ultimately it is your budget, the tile you want to go for and your personal aesthetics that that will help you choose what sort of clay tiling you want. 

    But whichever style you go in for clay tiling offers superior protection compared to others when you are estimating the cost of a new roof.