Roof Extensions

    We have been offering roof extension services for many years. Our services are affordable and effective in making your home look aesthetically appealing.

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    In the last few years, a lot of homeowners have been interested in roof extensions. 

    Conversions of your roof space to additional space and accommodation can be an effective and affordable way to extend your residential property. 

    However, it’s important to understand that altering your roof may have a major impact on the external appearance of your property.

    It’s worth mentioning that a roof is the most integral part of your home. 

    Roof alterations can also have a huge cumulative impact on the character of your neighbourhood or street. 

    Thus, you need to hire a professional roofing company for the job.

    We have been offering roof extension services for many years. 

    During this period, we’ve handled a wide range of projects. 

    Our services are affordable and effective in making your home look aesthetically appealing. 

    With our roofing services, our roofs are also more functional, and give you a chance to enjoy extra space. 

    You can turn the extension into a dining room, study area, playroom for the kids or more.

    Roof Extensions - Add More Space

    Extending your roof is just like extending any other area in your home. 

    It’s one of the most effective ways to ensure your family enjoys extra space according to its needs and requirements. 

    Just like a home extension, a roof space conversion need to be conducted by a company that has years of experience in the industry. 

    We employ professionals who are qualified, trained, experienced and skilled to take care of roofing extension projects. 

    Our experienced and expert team can easily carry out your entire project within set deadlines and the cost of a new roof well within budget. 

    We focus on everything from design concept to completion of the project. 

    Our professionals will provide you with access to :

    • Proper assistance regarding planning permission and regulations

    • We will assign a single project manager to your extension

    • Single invoicing to ensure hassle free payments

    • Qualified and well trained professionals who are insured and registered 

    Why choose Peden Roofing for an extension?

    Our company always focuses on fast construction time. 

    We make sure your project is completed within a short period of time. 

    With our projects, you might not need planning permission. 

    Our projects meet all the current building regulations. 

    Most of them don’t need planning permission.

    We provide customers with complete design, installation and fabrication service. 

    We cover every aspect of the project, and leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best return on your investment. 

    We even offer warranties on our constructions and products. 

    Our customer care executives resolve all your queries and doubts regarding roof extensions.

    Our Team Handles Everything

    As mentioned earlier, we only employ the most reputed and qualified professionals in the industry. 

    We completely understand that finding the perfect solution for your roof extension is an important task that requires care and attention. 

    Thus, we’ve always been dedicated and committed toward providing the best services. 

    We have become the best roof extension company by providing customers with :

    • Expert guidance on roof extensions

    • Considered suitable and matching options

    • Competitive service and great prices

    • Hassle free roofing quotes and estimates

    • Consistent and reliable workmanship 

    Every professional in our company understands the importance to provide carefully chosen and well matched fittings and fixtures that make your extension look in place. 

    Our qualified team of experts is committed to providing and sourcing products that look trendy with the current appeal of your home. 

    Every element of your roof extension will match your existing decorative guttering.

    For years, we have been the most trusted roofing company in the industry for roofing maintenance and extensions. 

    Our team is always able to bring great products and fantastic service to the table. 

    This means we can provide you with excellent results. 

    Our team can easily assess your roofing extension requirements, and provide you with a wide range of solutions that can cater to your specific taste.

    We completely understand that it’s very important to keep the existing ornamentation and look of your home. 

    Therefore, we offer a wide range of products and services to satisfy all kinds of specifications, flat roofing and modern clay tiles

    Our products can be matched along with decorative ridges or finials to give your roof a unique appeal. 

    Our company also offers exceptional customer service to make sure you don’t experience any problems. 

    We provide you with great value for money.