Roofs for Existing Homes

    Most homeowners don't pay much attention to roofs until their condition is worse or irreparable. Some people plan to enhance the value of their property.

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    Unfortunately, most homeowners don't pay much attention to roof until their condition is worse or irreparable. 

    Most people think about installing new roofs only when the problem is severe. 

    There are two primary reasons to get a new roofs for your home. 

    You either need to replace your existing roof, extend your home roof or plan to enhance the aesthetics or value of the property.

    These days, you can choose from a wide range of roofing materials and styles. 

    From elegant Rosemary clay roof tiles to lovely slated roofs, you can give your home an exceptional look. 

    You can also choose from concrete and slate tiles for your roof.

    Common Problems with the Roof

    • Age of Tiles - Everything in this world comes with an expiration date. 

      The same is true for roofs and roofing materials. 

      It is possible that your tiles are too old and need to be replaced.

      Most tiles can last from anywhere between 20-50 years. 

      Thus, if you are living in a very old or vintage style home, it is likely that you need a new roof for your home.

    • Loft Dampness - This problem is most common with wooden roofs. 

      Loft dampness can cause a lot of problems, including mould and termites. 

      They can eat into your wooden roof, and cause irreparable damage. 

      Thus, you might need a replacement.

    • Roof beyond repair - It is always better to conduct regular inspections on your roof, and make sure they are not left untreated. 

      If you don’t pay close attention, the condition of your roof might be beyond repair. 

      Thus, the only option left will be to get an estimated cost to replace your roof.

    • Storm Damage - In some geographical locations, storms cause a major problem for homeowners. 

      They might cause irreparable damage to the property. 

      In such areas, it may be important to get a new roof as a result of storm damage.

    • Poor Installation by previous roofer - This is also a common problem. 

      Many homeowners try to save  money and hire inexperienced roofers or freelancers. 

      Such companies don’t install the roof properly, and leave it prone to damage. 

      This causes a lot of problems, and forces you to get a new roof for your home.

    Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

    • Roof to Sell - A lot of homeowners get new roof when they’re about to sell the house. 

      A new or replacement roof can enhance the overall value of the property. 

      It can also make the house look more appealing to potential buyers.

    • Upgrade Solar Panels and Roof Simultaneously - Many homeowners are aware of various energy efficient measures. 

      They aim to install energy efficient measures like solar panels. 

      As technology advances, homeowners need to upgrade solar panels. 

      During this period, some homeowners also get new roofs and cut costs.

    What Kind of Homes We Re-Roof?

    We have been offering high quality roofing services for many years. 

    During this period, we have been able to build a strong reputation in the industry. 

    We use only energy efficient roofing materials for our projects. 

    Our company works on re-roofing jobs in many different types of homes, including :

    How We Interact with Customers?

    Due to our rich experience and roofing expertise, we have been able to build long lasting relationships with our clients and customers. 

    We have a specific process through which we understand your needs, requirements and budget. 

    It allows us to provide the best services, and handle the project smoothly.

    When you get in touch with Peden Roofing, we will discuss everything with you. 

    This will give us an idea about what you exactly want. 

    We will provide you with a free survey and inspection to understand all the details, and every aspect of the job.

    The next step is to acquire planning permission from concerned authorities. 

    On some projects, we try to remain within bounds to make sure permission is not required, and the process goes ahead smoothly. 

    This allows us to meet set deadlines and budget requirements.

    Once everything has been discussed, we present guttering and tile options. 

    We also provide you with a proposal containing our quote for the cost of a new roof and other terms of agreement. 

    You’re under no obligation to sign the proposal or make an agreement. 

    You can study the proposal and agree to our terms only when you feel comfortable.