Roofs for New Homes and Property Developers

    Roofs for new homes that property developers are building by Peden Roofing Services, with over 30 years experience covering Scotland and beyond.

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    Property developers who are building houses want to make sure they hire the right roofing contractors to install new roofs. 

    The roof is one of the most important parts of a house as it provides protection against various kinds of weather elements. 

    And this is were we come into play. 

    Backed up with over 30 years experience, we are one of the best roofing companies in Glasgow you can possibly hire.

    Different types of roofing materials can be used to install the roof including asphalt, metal, slate and wood. 

    The type of roofing materials you choose depend on the roof slope and the climate. 

    Asphalt shingle is an inexpensive roofing material that comes in different styles and colours. 

    It is less susceptible to heat. Its colour may fade quickly when exposed to a large amount of sunlight.

    If you are not sure what type of roofing suits the house best, you can ask Peden Roofing Services for suggestions. 

    One of the most common roof tiles installed in residential properties are the Redland tiles. 

    There are many varieties of Redland clay tiles including Redland Plain, Redland Rosemary, Redland Heathland, and Redland Duoplain

    The Redland tile is a cool roof that reflects off the sun's heat so that the residential building will remain cool. 

    There are many different colour variations for the Redland tiles. 

    Redland Rosemary are high end roof tiles and have a textured surface. 

    The sides and front edges of the Redland Rosemary tiles are sanded. 

    Redland Heathland is a concentrate tile that features uneven edges and sides. 

    The textured surface gives the Redland Heathland tiles a handmade clay appearance. 

    Redland Duoplain is a great interlocking tile that offers a traditional appearance.

    Obtain a Roofing Quote

    The first step is to obtain a quote for a new roof

    You need to hire a roofing company that gives you a fair price. 

    The quoted price for the roofing project is negotiable so you should do your best to negotiate and get the best price. 

    We guarantee that the prices we offer are among the best and the most affordable on the market.

    The roofing contractor must be familiar with the local building codes. 

    Different counties have different building codes for roofing. 

    You should ask the contractor about the number of workers that will work on the project. 

    In this way, you will be able to determine when will be the estimated date for the roofing work to be completed. 

    You should read the warranty information for the project and make sure you understand all the terms. 

    By reading the warranty information, you will know on what terms the warranty will be voided.

    The roofing contractor should be certified by a tile manufacturer to install the specific type of roofing material you will be using. 

    If he is not certified to install the roof, you may face problems in obtaining warranty coverage should it not be installed properly. 

    We are certified and equipped with workers that are well trained in installing the roofing materials. 

    The workers have adequate certification to carry out the roofing work and they know all the safety measures. 

    This will reduce the occurrence of accidents on the work site.

    We will also offer a written contract. 

    The contract will include the terms of the roofing job, work details, payment amount, payment schedule, roofing materials, safety procedures, and project completion date.

    As a roofing company will be responsible for cleaning up the site after completing the project. 

    Reputable contractors should be able to provide many references to you and you should also find reviews online.

    The contractor must provide adequate general liability insurance and worker compensation insurance and also carry enough bonds to cover the cost of completing or redoing the roofing work. 

    We place a lot of importance on these matters.

    It is important that the contractor you hire shows professionalism in his work. 

    He and his workers should be punctual to carry out the work at the site. 

    He should also be courteous and develop a good working relationship with you. 

    Rest assured that if you hire our roofing company us you will not regret it.