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    New Roof Costs : How Much Should You Be Quoted

    If you are searching for the best quote on your roofing project, we will be the perfect choice. We have years of experience in installing new roofs, repairs and maintenance.

    Roofs for Existing Homes

    Most homeowners don't pay much attention to roofs until their condition is worse or irreparable. Some people plan to enhance the value of their property.

    Flat Roof Replacement and Repair Costs

    We would love to resolve issues with your flat roof but in the event of a roof replacement, we offer affordable replacement roofs.

    Clay Tiling

    Since clay tiles come in various colours and styles and then can be laid in completely different patterns, clay tiling can make your property look complete unique.

    Decorative Guttering for homes and new builds

    We are proud to be considered as one of the best companies providing you with different decorative gutters for your home or property.

    Roof Extensions

    We have been offering roof extension services for many years. Our services are affordable and effective in making your home look aesthetically appealing.

    Roof Tiling

    We have been handling a wide range of roof tiling projects for many years. Our company deals in clay tiles, concrete tiles, metal tiles and other options.

    Roofs for New Homes and Property Developers

    Roofs for new homes that property developers are building by Peden Roofing Services, with over 30 years experience covering Scotland and beyond.

    Rubber, EPDM, Single Ply Membrane Roofing

    We are specialists in rubber roofing, EPDM and single ply roofing and offer solutions for home owners and property developers roof projects.